II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in ICT - EUBR 2014


  • General Chairs:
    • Virgilio Almeida (SEPIN/MCTI)
    • Rafael Moreira (SEPIN/MCTI)
    • Lisandro Granville (CTIC/MCTI)
    • Francisco Medeiros (European Commission-DG CONNECT)
    • Jorge Pereira (European Commission-DG CONNECT)  


In Sep 8-9 2009, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and The Ministy of Foreign Affairs (MRE) of Brazil, jointly with the European Comission Delegation in Brazil and the DG Connect Unit of the European Comission, in partnership with USP, the University of Brasilia (UNB) and the National Education and Research Network (RNP), promoted the I EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the EUBR 2009.

This workshop had the goal to promote initiaves for joint research between Brazil and Europe. During two days, different technical discussions were delevoped at the Centre for Computer Electronics (CCE) at USP (University of São Paulo) between Brazilian and European researchers. The discussions allowed the identification of common research topics between the two regions and were fundamental to define details of the First Joint Call for Research Cooperation between the European Union and Brazil in ICT, which was launched in 2010 and had five approved projects. In 2011, a second call was launched and had four approved projects.

In 2014, during de XXXIV CSBC - Congress of the Computer Science Society, which is the major conference in Computer Science in Brazil, we are very proud to held II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - EUBR 2014, that will be between July 28th and July 29th, in Brasilia-DF.

During the CSBC 2014, that every year is attended by the top researchers in the ICTs field in Brazil, there will be an unique opportunity to :

  • Discuss and detail research topics for future cooperation in ICT between Brazil and the European Union;
  • Participate in Information Days for future submissions of joint calls and promote the exchange of researchers between Brazil and Europe;
  • Promote networking and future partnerships between Brazilian and European researchers;

This II EUBR 2014 is supported by the SBC, the SEPIN / MCTI of Brazil, the Ministy of Foreign Affairs (MBR), the European Union Delegation in Brasilia and the DG Connect Unit of the European Comission



All speakers and participants of the EUBR 2014 must register in the main conference, the CSBC 2014, according to the categories listed in http://csbc2014.cic.unb.br/index.php/inscricoes The registration deadline is July 23th, 2014. The registration site is  https://centraldesistemas.sbc.org.br/ecos/csbc2014 Any problems, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Title: EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT - Coordinated Calls
Room: Brasil 1  09:00-13:15 and 17:00-19:00

This session aims at presenting the EU-Brazil Coordinated Calls in the area of ICT, highlighting their impact. It will start with the presentation of the achievements of Call 1 projects, some of which just finished, and of the objectives of the recently started Call 2 projects, followed by an information session on the 2015 Call 3, including topics and rules of participation. Finally, looking towards H2020 WP2016-17, there will be an open discussion on future topics of cooperation.
Participants from both EU and Brazil consortia will be available to discuss in more detail their projects in the Exhibition. Each project already approved in both Coordinated Calls (1 and 2) will have a specific space for exhibition and dissemination. The space will have a table, two/four chairs and Internet access. Posters suggested size is 102 cm (40'') x 76 cm (30'').




09:00   Opening – Secretário Virgilio Almeida, MCTI

Projects from Calls 1 and 2 - Chair: Paulo Siqueira, CNPq (TBC)


Coordinated Call 1 results (30')

  • BEMO-COFRA – Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer FIT, DE; Judith Kelner, UF Pernambuco, BR
  • EUBROpenBio – Ignacio Blanquer, UPV, ES; Vanderlei Canhos, CRIA, BR
  • SecFuNet – Djamel H. Sadok, UF Pernambuco, BR

Coffee Break

  • PodiTrodi – Manuel Steidle, CERTI, BR; Andreas Morschhauser, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE (TBC)
  • FIBRE – Sebastià Sallent, i2CAT, ES; Antônio Abelém, UFPA, BR

Coordinated Call 2 projects (15')

  • EUBrazilCC – Francisco Brasileiro, UF Campina Grande, BR; Ignacio Blanquer, UPV, ES
  • IMPRESS –Djamel H. Sadok, UF Pernambuco, BR; Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer FIT, DE
  • GLOBAL  ITV – Marcelo Knörich Zuffo, USP, BR
  • RESCUER – Karina Villela, Fraunhofer IESE, DE; Manoel Mendonça, UF Bahia, BR                

Lunch break

--- Opportunity to visit the exhibition ---


 Information Session on Coordinated Calls (Opening 15 October 2014;Closing 21 April 2015)

– Priscila Solis, CIC/UnB


  • Coordinated Calls – TBD, CNPq
  • Cloud Computing – Francisco Medeiros, EC
  • High-Performance Computing – Augusto de Albuquerque, EC
  • HPC and Advanced Computing – Jorge Pereira, EC
  • Experimental Platforms – Augusto de Albuquerque, EC

Future Topics for Cooperation – Secretário Virgilio Almeida, MCTI

  • Cloud Computing: Lisandro Granville, UFRGS
  • Smart System Integration: Roberto R. Panepucci, CTI
  • IoT/M2M: TBD




Title: Cloud Computing session
Room: Santa Cruz 1  09:00-13:15


The EU and Brazil will launch a coordinated call for project proposals on the theme of Cloud Computing, including security aspects on 15 October 2014. The goal of this session is two-fold:

1. Bring together experts, researchers and industry representatives from the EU and Brazil in order to identify common interests and foster the creation of partnerships that may result in project proposals related to Cloud Computing (deadline: 21 April 2015).

2. Identify research and innovation challenges in the Cloud Computing area that should be addressed in a future EU-Brazil coordinated call.



09:00-09:15 Session opening – Lisandro Granville, UFRGS; Francisco Medeiros, EC


Presentations from EU and Brazilian researchers and industry

  • Antonio Corradi: University of Bologna, Italy
  • Marco Vieira: University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Thais Batista: UFRN, Brazil
  • Philippe Navaux: UFRGS, Brazil
  • Jim Clarke: Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • Antonio Augusto Fröhlich: UFSC, Brazil
  • Antonio Liotta: Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Antonio Marcos Alberti: INATEL, Brazil
  • Paulo Calçada: Porto City Council, Portugal and EuroCloud Vice-President

Coffee Break


Presentations from EU and Brazilian researchers and industry

  • Rui Oliveira: INESC TEC and University of Minho, Portugal
  • Carlos Kamienski: UFABC, Brazil
  • Hilary Hanahoe: Trust-IT Services Ltd (SME), UK
  • Karin Breitman, EMC, Brazil
  • Antonio Corradi: University of Bologna, Italy
  • Nauro Luiz Scheufler, SERPRO, Brazil
  • Ignacio Blanquer: University Polytechnic of Valencia, Spain



12:30-13:15 Open Panel

Lunch break

--- Opportunity to visit the exhibition ---



Title: H2020 Proposal Preparation and Researchers Exchange between Europe and Brazil
Room: Santa Cruz 1 17:00-19:00

In order to help potential Brazilian partners in the preparation of proposals for the upcoming Coordinated Call 3 and to foster exchange of researchers between Europe and Brasil, EU-funded projects B-BICE+, Euraxess, Leadership and IBE (Instituto Brasil-Europa) will provide relevant guidance.



Opening - Augusto Albuquerque - Delegation of the European Union in Brazil


EURAXESS - support to mobility of researchers between the Europe and Brazil, Paulo Lopes


B.BICE+ support for EU-Brazil research and innovation cooperation and networking, Ana Paula Rossetto.




Inovacao Cross-Border Brasil-Uniao Europeia em ICT", Prof. Sergio Takeo (IBE/USP)

18:10 - 18:20    

Q & A 


Title: FI-WARE Information Session

Room: Brasil 1

 This all-day event aims at presenting FI-WARE, the open platform developed in the context of the Future Internet PPP to facilitate the development of applications and services. Building upon the very successful participation of FI-WARE at the Campus Party Brazil, the aim is to introduce the platform and the mechanisms available to use it, and to showcase its potential.



Opening of the session

Américo Bernardes – Director of Digital Inclusion – Ministério das
Comunicações Brasil, Jorge Pereira (European Commission-DG CONNECT)


FI-WARE value proposition

Juanjo Hierro. FI­WARE Chief Architect and Coordinator


Materializing Smart Cities using FI-WARE in Europe

Stefano de Panfilis. FI­Lab coordinator and FI­PPP Steering Board Chair


FI-Lab nodes in Brazil

Representatives from USP and UFU universities


Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil - Part I


  FI-Guardian: first success story in Brazil

  Marcos Marconi. FI­Guardian


  USP Cidades FI-WARE Use Case

  Sergio Takeo Kofuji. USP


Coffee break


Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil- Part II


Human Cities and FI-WARE

Prof. Dr. Álvaro Oliveira. Coordenador das Human Smart Cities Network.


The Brazilian Forum strategy for Human Smart Cities

Dr. André Gomyde Porto (President of Forum Nacional de Secretários
Municipais de Ciência e Tecnologia)


A proposal for the Brazilian Institute of Human Smart Cities

Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)


Presentation by Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Dr. Délio Malheiros (Vice Mayor)


Presentation by Curitiba, Parana

Dr. Paulo Roberto Miranda (Municipality Secretary of Information and Technology)


Presentation by Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Ricardo Oliveira (CEO of iPLAN Rio)


Presentation by Vitoria, Espirito Santo

Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)


Open debate about collaboration opportunities



Lunch break



SECOMU (key note in main room, no parallel sessions)




Coffee Break


FI-WARE and National Technology Platforms: the case of Spain

Luis Ignacio Vicente. President of Spanish 

Technology Platform on Future Internet.



Presentation on FI-WARE acceleration program

Stefano de Panfilis. FI-Lab coordinator and FI-PPP Steering Board Chair


Challenges and opportunities regarding entrepreneurship in Brazil

Felipe Matos, COO at Start-UP Brasil


Open debate about collaboration opportunities



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